Success stories

At RMDS Innovation, we’re proud of the challenges we’ve faced and the successes we’ve achieved along the way.  


Optimized field irrigation

We were hired by American company Valley Irrigation to design the OPMC family of products that transmit information about various irrigation system components using power line carriers.

OPMCs are more efficient and have better noise immunity than RS-485 communication. They also don’t require line-of-sight the way radio frequency systems do. By using the irrigation equipment’s own power cables to communicate, we’ve helped farmers reduce installation and maintenance costs.


Monitoring electrical system quality on farms

For farmers, preventing risk means being a step ahead, identifying and quickly correcting any issues that could result in costly interruptions in operations or critical situations like fires. 

We developed technology for Prevtech Innovation to continuously monitor electricity in farm buildings. In addition to detecting electrical malfunctions or leaks that might indicate an electrical equipment failure and a potential fire, these systems monitor electrical panel temperature to identify any unexpected increases in breaker temperature.


Keeping roads safe while saving energy

Cities are facing a considerable challenge to managing their roadway infrastructure: using less energy without compromising user safety. The answer? A reliable solution designed by RMDS Innovation that provides a scalable platform that can grow with their needs and industry requirements.


We maintain close relationships with major lighting industry players, which allows us to control lighting and measure energy consumption using either power cables or radio frequency. These systems currently control tens of thousands of lights across the globe—proof of just how effective they are.