Our Expertise

Leading experts at your service

Our expertise, methods, and commitment to our clients are reflected in each and every project.

What makes us unique?

Innovation, excellence, achievement

The devil is in the details. Whether your project is big or small, our team always pushes the technology envelope further, while keeping your reality in mind.


We carefully design and develop all our solutions internally and entrust production to our network of partners who share our vision of excellence. These close relationships allow us to maintain control over the systems we design and ensure uncompromising quality. 

We see long-term, whether we’re working on a power line communication system in China or a highway lighting control system for a major European city. Our goal is sustainable, long-term results. And we deliver.

Broad-spectrum expertise

Our expertise ranges from power line carrier systems to power electronics, signal processing, and firmware engineering design.

Our areas of expertise:

Power line carriers (115/230/600 volts) and cabling:

Printed circuit board design for control and automation systems

Various communication protocols

C language Programming on all type of microcontrollers

Cross-platform application development for Windows, Linux or embedded Microprocessors

Design of engineering applications for controlling and configuring electronic systems

Power electronics: AC/DC motor drive and power amplification

Analog and digital signal filtering and processing

Certifications for various testing laboratories: CSA, UL, ETL and self-certification for the European Union

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